Apr 03

Grand Master Kenneth A. Hurmence


“Make your Mark in Masonry”

I am asking each Iowa Mason to “Make their Mark” in their lodge in the following ways:

  • Focus on recruitment, retention, and ritual: These are the lifeblood of our Fraternity.
  • Maintain a positive mindset: Focus on what we can do and what we can accomplish. When we dare to dream, we can build mansions.   When we are mired in despair, we are trapped in the dismal caves of our own minds.  Dare to try.
  • Enjoy going to lodge: Don’t view attending lodge as going to another meeting.  Think of the fellowship you will enjoy with brothers and the difference they can make in your life and the warmth your friendship can bring to theirs.   Make a pledge to learn something new at each meeting.  Your members have knowledge and personal experiences to share or educational programs prepared by the Lodge Service Committee (available at no cost to your lodge at GMAMS or by calling the Grand Lodge) or your lodge members can be shared.
  • Remember that our ritual and its words have meaning: The best membership tool that a lodge has are members who practice what Masonry teaches.  When we act as Masons and practice the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth by working in our communities, helping those in need or distress and demonstrating that we stand for things that are good and worthwhile, people will want to be a part of it, new members will feel wanted and want to become involved, and our lodges will prosper and grow.  Dissension, rudeness, and misconduct will also be noticed by the community, and these are disastrous for a lodge.  We want to be known as builders not a wrecking crew.

Do your part and “Make your Mark for Masonry” and your lodge.  You can be one of the supports upon which a successful future can be built.  Today is the day when you can make a difference.  Today is the day when we can begin building for the future.  Today is the day to “Make your Mark”.

Many tools are available from the Grand Lodge which will assist in your efforts:

Recruitment Materials, Mentoring Materials, Educational Programs, Online Library Catalog, Web Site Availability, Interactive Lodge Activity Calendar, Ritual Assistance, Assistance in Lodge Programing, Awards Programs, Lodge Officer Training and many other services. Just ask!

You are all invited to attend the GMAMs which will be held in October and November to learn more about my program, provide your input, and receive educational packets. Click HERE for the schedule.