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Grand Master Program


                    Iowa Masonic


L Lead Iowa Masonry to the future

This may be done by devoting your time and expertise and by using the tools that have been developed for our use. They have been created by highly dedicated and motivated brethren that have a deep sense of responsibility for our fraternity. The best tool that you have is your mind, share your knowledge.

I Increase and instruct our membership

Brethren it is up to us to increase our membership. No one outside our fraternity is going to do it for us. Once you sign a candidate’s petition, the work does not stop there. You should instruct and guide him thru that special experience that you yourself enjoyed.

G Great Architect of the Universe

G is the center letter in the word light. The center of Masonry is the center of the altar where the holy book of scripture rests in the lodge. We all took a sacred obligation on as Master Masons on that great light. That great light is the first thing that you saw when you were brought to light. Think back to that special time when you became a Master Mason. Rekindle the excitement of that experience and make your light burn brighter in Masonry. Pass that light to the next generation. Brethren the Masonic fraternity needs you! We need your help – to grow and to prosper.

H Help in the quarries of Masonry and the Community

Brethren, there are many things that you can do to help our fraternity. To name a few, you can help care for your lodge by cleaning, painting assisting the Master in his programs. The list goes on and on. These activities can roll over to the community also. There are many community activities that can use our help!

T Teach every new Mason the customs and meaning of Masonry

Brethren over the span of your Masonic journey, you have learned many of the customs of our fraternity passed from a brother to you. Pass that knowledge to a new brother and share with him what Freemasonry means to you.

                                            Charles D. Yates Grand Master of Masons in Iowa