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Level III Adept Scholar

Level III – Master Adept Scholar

This area is entirely up to you and your Committee.  You must decide on and present your Adept’s program.  In many ways it should be a culminating activity for all you have done.  After you have written up your program (including the time line in which you wish to accomplish it) you must present it to your Committee who will approve it and will have final say as to whether or not you have successfully completed it.  At first the Committee will be assigned from among those Masonic Scholars who have completed or are currently working on Level II – As more Brothers attain the level of Adept they will make up the committees.

Book Recommendations

The following is a link to a book by Edward Condor printed in 1894 about the records of Operative Masons in London and the first accepted Masons. Also included is the MARC record from the Iowa Masonic Library database.
There are several copies in the Iowa Masonic Library collection.


Call Number:  VAULT M9055 C75 c.2

Title:  Records of the hole crafte and fellowship of Masons with a chronicle of the history of worshipful company of Masons of the City of London /

Author:  Conder, Edward

Publisher:  London, Eng. : Swan Sonnenschein & Co.,

Publication Date:  1894.

Physical Description:  312 p. 26 cm.



Worshipful company of Masons of the city of London.