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Masonic Symbolism Course

Masonic Symbolism
A Course of Study
Grand Lodge of Iowa A. F. & A. M.
Jerry L. Levay, Grand Master, 2011 – 2012

The need for a “new” course of study is, perhaps, greater today than it was 145 years ago when Brother Sherer penned his concerns. We no longer use the 1st Section of the Lectures, which, at least, conveyed to the new Mason the procedures of the ceremonies of initiation, passing and raising. The 3rd Section of the 1st and 3rd Degree lectures are seldom rehearsed in our Lodges today. Many is the Brother who does not know that the Bee Hive is a Masonic symbol, let alone it’s meaning. It is for this reason that Grand Master Levay went to the effort to create this course of study and encourage each of us to participate in it. The younger Mason will be shocked to see how much there is to learn about the degrees beyond the conferral’s. The older Mason will be shocked to learn how much he as forgotten about the degrees over the years. All of us will profit by our labors, but the Fraternity in Iowa will profit even more.

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Introduction Materials
Grand Master Masonic Symbolism Course Syllabus Symbolism of the Three Degrees  – Street
The Twenty Four Inch Gauge A Certain Point within a Circle
A Preface to Masonic Symbolism Compasses
Discourse on the Fellow Craft Degree Divested of all Metals
Duly and Truly Prepared Duly and Truly Prepared –Two
Freemasonry and Immortality Freemasonry Symbolism Religions
Geometry in Masonic Symbolism Hiramic Legend – the Master’s Word
How many Hiram’s were there? Immortality – the Circle
Lambskin Lodge Furnishings and the Degrees
Masonic Symbols – Their meanings and origins Masonry and King Solomon’s Temple
Origins and Symbols of Masonry Sign, Token and Word
Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism Symbolism of the first Degree – Hew the Line
Symbolism of the First Degree – Gage The Apron
The Cable Tow The First Degree
The Five Points of Symbolism The Holy Bible
The Rite of Destitution The Altar
The Anchor and the Ark The Ancient Mysteries
The Apron –  Kingsbury The Four Hiram’s of Tyre
The Lambskin in a Poem The Lodge
The Masonic Degrees in England The Meaning of Initiation
The Oblong Square The Plumb Line
The Presentation of the Apron The Steps
The Symbolic Lights The Third Degree
The Three Grips The Three Lesser Lights
The Trowel The Trowel 2
The Webb Ritual in the United States The Winding Stairway
Toleration Trestle Board
Freemason Monitor  – Webb What a Fellow Craft Ought to Know
What a Master Mason Ought to Know Worthy and Well Qualified
Encyclopedia of Freemasonry – Mackey The Symbolism of Freemasonry – Mackey
Manual of the Lodge –  Mackey Masonic Symbolism – Waite
Signs and Symbols – Oliver Dictionary of Symbolical Masonry – Oliver
The Masonic Ladder – Sherer