Lodge Service Workshops

Mark your calendar and attend one of the Workshops held in your area.
Lodge Operation Workshop Topics:
1. Reception of the Grand Master
2. Reception of Visitors after the Lodge is tyled
3. Investigation Committee & Candidate Investigations

CityAddressHost Lodge
March 4, Monday6:30 P.M.Carson405 High StCoral Lodge No. 335
March 5, Tuesday6:30 P.M.Sioux City3100 41st StTriangle Lodge No. 643
March 6, Wednesday6:30 P.M.West Des Moines218 1/2 5th StGnemeth Lodge No. 577
March 7, Thursday6:30 P.M.Osage527 Main St Osage Lodge No. 102
March 11, Monday6:30 P.M.Corning901 Benton AveInstruction Lodge No. 275
March 12, Tuesday6:30 P.M.Sigourney207 S Jefferson StWebb Lodge No. 182
March 13, Wednesday6:30 P.M.Burlington401 N 5th StDes Moines No. 1
March 16, Saturday10:00 A.M.Belle Plaine8th Ave & 11th StHope Lodge No. 175
March 25, Monday6:30 P.M.Manilla452 Main StGolden Leaf Lodge No. 595
March 26, Tuesday6:30 P.M.Des Moines1111 Randolph StSouth Gate Lodge No. 657
March 27, Wednesday
6:30 P.M.Manchester116 S Franklin StManchester Lodge No. 165
March 28, Thursday6:30 P.M.Wilton405 Cedar StWilton Lodge No. 167