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Mar 28

Grand Lodge of Iowa A.F. & A.M. Social Media Policy

Policy regarding Social Media and Iowa Freemasons The Grand Lodge of Iowa recognizes that social media has grown exponentially in recent years and has a goal of supporting the regular and extensive use of it. We know that many Brethren regularly connect by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other means. We as Masons must be mindful …

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Sep 24

Pillars of the Library


Pillars of the Library The three principal officers in a Lodge are represented by three columns representing Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty. These columns correspond with three orders of architecture revered by Masons. They are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. There should be Wisdom to contrive, Strength to support, and Beauty to adorn all important undertakings. With …

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Jan 13

Optional Mentor Training Session June 25

Optional Mentoring Course web

Optional Mentoring Training session is scheduled for June 25, 2016 at Cedar Rapids

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