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Celebrate our Past, Embrace our Future

Celebrate our Past
Just celebrated 175 years of Iowa Masonry
The Iowa Masonic Library and Museum is a gem given us by a previous generation
Maintain or learn our Ritual

Embrace our Future
Looking ahead to tomorrow using the Three R’s

Visit the Iowa Masonic Library and Museums
Use a reading list and check out a book from the Iowa Masonic Library
Use the on-line catalog to make selections
Librarian Bill Krueger is a great treasure for Iowa Masonry

Write a book report on the book read and use it as an educational program
Write your Masonic story
Write your lodge’s story
Submit those reports and stories to the Iowa Masonic Library

‘Rithmetic is numbers
How do we attract new members?
How do we enroll new members? – Open on any degree
How do we retain members?
Creating new lodges
Use the Masonic toolbox
Invitation to Petition
Work with other lodges

In 2019-2020
Label program
Use for the rebinding of books
A year of ceremonies and rededications
Quiz Bowl on March 7 at Waukee
Golf Outing on June 12 at Grinnell
New Mason Listening Tour in March and April

As always, support the Iowa Masonic Family