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As it pertains to Freemasonry, the word EVOLVE is a portal to the idea that Masonry provides
an avenue that leads to being a better person mentally, physically, & spiritually & that by
embracing these ideals we evolve as a being throughout our entire life.
How does it do this?

Memorization & delivery of ritual, either partly or entirely, promotes good
speaking habits, mental health, & socialization skills

More important than memorizing the ritual is exposure to it.  Simply being subject
to its presentation will naturally predispose one to live in the moment, keep
positive & develop coping mechanisms for when life goes wrong, nurture family &
friends, do what one enjoys & has a passion for, & to be there for others.
Masonry teaches that the continual development of the body & senses will
promote & long, healthy, & fruitful life.  A life that will not only help you as an
individual to continually evolve as a person, but also one that benefits those
around you.
Keeping your religion, whatever it may be, in the forefront of your heart & mind &
using it as a guide towards faith, hope, & charity, is the best way to glorify God.

Iowa Freemasonry needs to adapt to life as it is now & will be in the future
Embrace technology
Improve communications 
Engage the membership
Rethink everything

The Casual Freemason
Lives by the principles of Freemasonry
Pays dues every year 
May attend one lodge meeting or event a year but no more
May not attend any lodge meetings or Masonic events ever
May be interested in Masonic history & education but not interested enough to devote
any time to it
May be interested in the ritual but not interested enough to devote any time to it
May be interested in social gatherings but always has something else scheduled
Is proud to be a Freemason but doesn’t see enough value in the investment of time and
money to actively promote it to his friends and piers 

How do we engage the Casual Freemason & how do we get him to actively promote the

We must make Freemasonry easily accessible to Freemasons
We must make an attempt to touch every Freemason every day 
We must continually remind him that his lodge is there, is active, and is continuously
providing opportunities for him to give back to his community, help others, & better
We must make it known to all Masons that if they are not getting what they want from
their current lodge, they can seek out and join one that does provide what they want
We must demonstrate HOW Freemasonry can help him to continually EVOLVE as a
We must educate the general public on what Freemasonry is