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Office Staff

  • Craig L. Davis – Grand Secretary [email protected]
    For questions and information on all topics including:
    Code questions, Cornerstone Laying, Rededication Ceremonies, Grand Lodge events scheduling,
    Membership Portal assistance
  • Aaron R. Kinser – Deputy Grand Secretary[email protected]
    For all Lodge Service Committee inquiries including research on Masonic topics
    For speakers at lodge events
    For Lodge Secretary assistance:
    membership questions, monthly returns, Membership Portal assistance
    year end reports. change of addresses, death notifications
    For questions and information on all topics including Code questions
  • Julia Wells – Assistant Librarian & Museum Curator[email protected]
    For requests for books, periodicals and related materials
    For questions and information on all topics
    For scheduling museum tours
  • Linda Heil – Bookkeeping Services[email protected]
    For questions about bills and billings
    For ordering supplies, materials, and forms
    For information on the Grand Lodge Scholarship programs
  • Darrell G. Fremont – Membership & Publication Services – [email protected]
    For Membership Portal assistance
    For membership questions
    Tim Hoppes – Maintenance Engineer – [email protected]
    For building maintenance issues
    For yard and property maintenance issues