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Office Staff

  • Craig L. Davis – Grand Secretary
    For questions and information on all topics including:
    Code questions, Cornerstone Laying, Rededication Ceremonies, Grand Lodge Scheduling, etc.
  • Aaron R. Kinser – Deputy Grand
    For all Lodge Service Committee inquiries including research on Masonic topics
    For speakers at lodge events
    For questions and information on all topics including Code questions
    William R. Kreuger – Assistant
    For requests for books and related materials
    For scheduling tours
  • Lillie Peshel – Bookkeeping
    For questions about bills and billings
    For ordering supplies, materials, and forms
    For information on the Grand Lodge Scholarship programs
  • Darrell G. Fremont – Membership Services –
    For membership questions
    For change of addresses
    For notification of Initiations
    For notification of deaths
    For monthly returns
  • Tim Hoppes – Maintenance Engineer –
    For building maintenance issues
    For yard and property maintenance issues