How does one become a Freemason?
If you don’t know any Masons in your area,  contact the Grand Lodge of Iowa at (319) 365-1438 or use this contact form. Contact Form

Masonry Today
Masons continue to use the simple tools of the ancient stonemasons — the square and compasses, the trowel, plumb and level — as symbols to teach their ideals.  A Mason is oath-bound to build his life and character with the same care and precision that stonemasons used to construct the cathedrals and temples centuries ago.
Today, there are about three million Masons in the world, with the United States claiming about 1.6 million of the total membership.  A survey that was conducted by the Masonic Service Association puts the charitable aspect of Freemasonry into perspective.  That survey shows that American Masonic philanthropy is approximately $2.0 million per day.

Masonic Concern for Others
Freemasonry has an outstanding record for helping others.  Along with scholarships and loan funds to assist young people in furthering their education, Masons support many community-based charitable projects.  Retirement homes and hospitals for the elderly provide care for those who no longer can care for themselves.

The Improvement of Life
Masons are active in their dedication to improve quality of  life.  Always ready to undertake a difficult task in a quiet, dignified way, today’s Masons go about the job of extending the hand of brotherhood to their communities.
For the man who is looking for a deeper meaning in life and who wants to be a part of a Fraternity committed to his growth and improvement, Masonry is filled with marvelous opportunities and limitless possibilities.

Principal Tenets
The three principal tenets of Freemasonry are Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

What is Freemasonry? It is an important question for you to ponder. There have been a great number of definitions put forth throughout the years and there are nearly as many definitions of Freemasonry as there are Masons. One common definition is: “Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols.” The system …

Path to Membership Freemason Membership Requirements You must be of good repute. In Iowa, you must be at least 18 years of age. You must believe in a Supreme Being. You must live a moral and ethical life. You must have a strong desire to make yourself a better man and make your community and the world …