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Charitable Funds & Endowments

Iowa Masonic Library & Museum Building Endowment Fund – 501(c)3
Funds building upgrades and infrastructure needs of the Iowa Masonic Library & Museum.

Iowa Masonic Library Association – 501(c)3
Funds special operational projects of the Iowa Masonic Library & Museum.

Iowa Masonic Scholarship Endowment Fund – 501(c)3
Awards Scholarships to Iowa Public High School Senior applicants.
2024 Iowa Masonic Scholarship Application

Iowa Charitable and Education Corporation – 501(c)3
Awards Technical Scholarships and Grants in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.
2024 Iowa Charitable and Education Scholarship Application

Iowa Masonic Health Facilities – 501(c)3
Funds facility maintenance, maintains Grand Charity funds and Field Financial Aid for Iowa Lodges and Masons.